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Sally Cannon

Jacksonville, Florida, United States


At Bacardi Bottling Corporation, we have 22 acres of native warm season grass and wildflowers, a perfect haven for bluebird nesting boxes. We have eight boxes that we monitor through the breeding season and this nest box, the Mango Mansion, is very popular with the resident Eastern Bluebirds! Every week we check to see what activity is happening and this particular week, we saw three hatchlings and two eggs in the box. The little limb at the bottom of the picture speaks of the vulnerability of the species at this stage of life. The vision of environmental corporate responsibility at an industrial site is reality at Bacardi Bottling Corporation!


Cutest Baby

Hatching Interuptus

Bluebird babies: 3 down, 2 to go!

One response to “Hatching Interuptus”

  1. Robyn Bailey says:

    Hi Sally, That’s great that Bacardi is providing homes for bluebirds, and scientific data for NestWatch! I also wanted to share this article with you since Barn Owl nest boxes can help reduce damage to sugar cane crops: http://nestwatch.org/connect/news/the-sweet-life-of-barn-owls/. Many sugar cane growers use Barn Owl boxes to help reduce rodents and support the birds. Something for the growers to think about. Cheers, Robyn Bailey, NestWatch

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