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Linda Vegh

Tuleta, TX, United States


I watched the mockingbirds make this nest carefully from the very first twig. They had four speckled blue eggs and four babies. The cactus is 15 feet from the house and 5 feet from the carport. We made sure to make noise as we left the house to go to the car. Parents flew up to trees where they could keep a close on on the fledglings. Photo taken with a Nikon Coolpix L830 with zoom from the landing of our porch (over 20 feet away from the nest and about 4 feet above it).
On the morning after a heavy thunderstorm with 3 inches of rain falling – the nest was empty. We have seen the fledglings feeding nearby with their parents.


Best Nest

Northern Mockingbird Nest In Cholla Cactus

First of Four!

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