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Becky Gatwood-Cromwell

Silver Spring, MD, United States


The robins built this nest in our cherry tree between the drive way and the street. We were thrilled to see the nest and my son used a stepladder to catch this quick glimpse while the mother robin flew off to catch a worm.


Beautiful Eggs


A Robin Nursery

Robin eggs- the most beautiful shade of blue.

4 responses to “A Robin Nursery”

  1. Lowell Christy says:

    The contrasting green of the leaves and the brilliant glacier blue of the robin eggs move towards the calming grey of the tree trunk. A work of Nature’s art capturing the calm of potential life before the dizzying blur of the world. Nice work Becky.

  2. Don says:

    Really pretty shot of a common bird’s eggs

  3. Ellen Cronin says:

    I, too, love the contrasting colors, but am not as eloquent as Lowell.

  4. Judith Goedeke says:

    Becky’s photo brings me into a hidden world where magic unfolds. The composition is skillful and the colors are rich and wonderful. Including the birch tree in the portrait adds a sense of relationship, community and oneness. This photo is compelling and delightful. Well done!

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