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Deanna Broderick

Guilford, CT, United States


3 American Oyster Catcher Eggs


Beautiful Eggs

American OysterCatcher NEst And Eggs

AWARD WINNER: Honorable Mention

2 responses to “American OysterCatcher NEst and Eggs”

  1. Hannah spencer says:

    Hi i found 2 of these eggs on my front porch im pretty sure ones a girl and ones a boy cause of the shape of the shell but idk how to raose or hatch them or if its even possibe so i need help and im 12 so i have school so idk if i can do everything.

    • Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

      Hi Hannah, Thanks for caring so much about the eggs you found! The best thing to do when you find eggs on the ground is to leave them where they are, and have an adult help you to call a certified wildlife rehabilitator, your state’s wildlife authorities, or a local nature center who might know of a rehabilitator in your area. Some birds lay eggs without building a nest and only certified wildlife rehabilitators and veterinarians can legally care for and handle wild birds or eggs. If you live right on the beach, then you might have American Oystercatcher eggs, but if you don’t live near the shore, you may have a different species – many eggs look similar to this pattern.
      We wish you luck! Let us know if you have more questions by emailing nestwatch@cornell.edu.

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