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Theresa Clark

Wichita, KS, United States


I thought this was the worst location for a house but I couldn’t find anywhere else to put it and I wanted one close that I could watch from our deck. It’s obviously not as bad as I thought because these 2 both seemed to want it What I didn’t manage to get in the photo was the wren who was moving in and kept popping her head in and out. I’m not sure who was there first but the wren won.


Best Nest


And The Winner Is…

But I wanted to build there!

2 responses to “And the winner is…”

  1. Robyn Bailey says:

    I don’t see that bluebird even fitting into that hole! He needs a bigger house.

  2. timbo says:

    Perhaps the Wren is leaving some spare twigs out the hole for other birds to grab.
    Bluebirds could be allowed sticks to utilise that are deemed surplus by the Wren.

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