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Patty McKelvey

Sheffield, OH, United States


This juvenile Purple Martin is one of two left to fledge. The parents are starting to coax them out more & more and occasionally don’t bring them something to eat. This time dad brought food for this wide-mouthed, happy juvie. By the next day I believe this same juvie had moved outside the gourd and was sitting on the “front porch.” It won’t be long at all until it flies free. I will miss them, their joyous calls & songs and wish them well as they begin their travels south. We are happy hosting them and being Purple Martin landlords. This photo was phone-scoped through my iPhone.


Feeding Time


Feeding Time

Down the Hatch

2 responses to “Feeding Time”

  1. Penny OConnor says:

    Patty’s Purple Martins have been so fun to follow on her Facebook page. Thanks Patty and Kevin!

  2. Jefferson Shank says:

    Pretty good picture! 🙂

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