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Christy Cox

Marietta, GA, United States


For several days, maybe weeks, I kept hearing this tiny, high, fast, clicking noise that maybe could pass for a tweet. Continuing to listen each day, I started to wonder if the sound was actually a baby bird versus a new species of bird to the backyard (only been birding since Oct2013:). Then the sound become more clear that it could possibly be a baby cardinal. One Sunday afternoon, I heard the noise really loud inside the house. I eagerly said , “I am going to FIND who is making that noise Today!!!” I went to the windows and started looking in all the trees. I was beyond awe-struck when I found the “noise-maker”! A baby cardinal was sitting on a branch outside directly behind my husband’s leather chair. I did my best impersonation of the Michael Jackson Moon Walk as I backed up to go get the camera.
I was able to take several photographs of the baby cardinal through the slots of the shudders, yet I wanted a better photograph, especially since this would be through a window and not as clear as I would like. I slowly walked up to the shudders and opened it slowly. My heart was pounding rapidly as though the movement of my heart would scare the baby away more so than the window shudder moving. Surprisingly, s/he stayed and allowed me to take a few photographs. I was even able to take a few with my iphone. What finally made him/her fly away was the wind started blowing and there was a leaf that kept blocking the view of me. I really enjoyed getting to view this new creature today and it appeared so did s/he.


Cutest Baby

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Species: Northern Cardinal

Hello New World!

Hello New World!

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