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Michelle Izzo

Mooresville, NC, United States


Momma Mourning Dove nested on my hot front porch in my hanging geranium basket! Fledglings are named Geri and Num! These three have been a pleasure to watch each day!


Best Nest


Humble Abode In A Geranium Basket

Momma Mourning Dove with fledglings, Geri & Num, nesting in my hanging geranium basket on our front porch! Mooresville, North Carolina

2 responses to “Humble Abode in a Geranium Basket”

  1. Heather Castell says:

    Picture perfect..priceless

  2. Mrs Mary Weber says:

    All beautiful beautiful birds come to Michelle’s house and eat and nest. I think they sense the serenity of her beautiful heart. Her roses grow strong and tall, as all her flowers. She is proud of them and is a gifted, loving mother ( lucky kids ) . I am proud to be her Mom. Thank you Lord for Your wonderful gift.

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