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Amy Gans

Blue Springs, MO, United States


I had been watching this nest since I saw the cardinal momma and daddy making it. I had snapped a couple of pics each day to monitor the growth. I decided I wanted to capture the feeding by the parents, one or the other. I set up my tripod and my camera and equipped with the remote for the shutter, I got in a comfy position not too far away and waited…and waited. It took quite a long while for the momma and daddy to get comfortable with “something different” being a bit too close to the nest. You see, in order for the remote to work, I could not be more than 6-8 feet away from the camera. The cardinal parents would fly to the fence the nest was on, check me out over and over again,and fly away. I never looked at them, but had my head positioned so I could see them just out of the corner of my eye. FINALLY, it happened, the daddy cardinal didn’t fly away! He landed on the fence and then he flew into the nest. At that time, I could not see him or the babies, I just began snapping away with the remote. He fed and then flew. As soon as he fled the nest, I immediately removed my tripod and camera and headed inside to see if I had captured anything worthwhile. I was beyond excited to see this photo.


Feeding Time

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Species: Northern Cardinal

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