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Sheri Douse

Titusville, FL, United States


Every year this White-Eyed Vireo builds a nest in an orange tree at the Merritt Island National Wildlife refuge visitor center. The first time I was able to come across the nest was on my birthday. Finding it was more impressive since the nest was very small and the bird chose the very tip of the branch to build on. I was so excited to experience seeing the Vireo on the nest and even got to see the eggs hatch, along with both parents coming back and forth to feed the young ones. This is one of my favorite photos taken of the Vireo in the nest 🙂


Best Nest

Perfect Nest For A Beautiful Bird

AWARD WINNER: Second Prize and Category Winner!White-Eyed Vireo at home :)

4 responses to “Perfect nest for a Beautiful Bird”

  1. Linda says:

    Lovely photograph!

  2. Nancy says:

    How perfectly beautiful!

  3. jean layton says:

    a palm sized “JOY”

  4. Jean MacDonald says:

    Great photo!

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