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Alice Pieritz

Anacoco, LA, United States


Feeding Time

Pileated Adult And Baby

Is that all ya got?!!!

2 responses to “Pileated adult and baby”

  1. Virginia Jackson says:

    This is an awesome picture! It seems rare to catch birds in a pose like this. Hope you win!

  2. Doug Pieritz says:

    For those of you viewing this pic, here is a bit of history for it. We had four large pine trees die in close proximity to the house. Rather than have them cut down completely I left 25-30ft especially for the woodpeckers. We were blessed this year with not only this family of Pileateds, there is also a family of red-headeds on the opposite side of the tree a few feet higher. Being good stewards of nature reaps big rewards, keep this in mind next time you need to fell a tree…all this activity is within 60ft of the house…gotta love it. God is good.

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