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David Parker

Coldwater, Ontario, Canada


A female Robin was intent on building her nest into a wreath hanging on the front door of our home. After realizing how intent she was on doing so and that it just would not work out well for her and her young, I moved the wreath from the front door to an outdoor lamp hanging beside the door while the nest was still being constructed. At first return after the move, the Robin was a bit confused, but quickly noticed the wreath and continued the build. A week later she laid 1 egg, then the following week laid 3 more eggs. We tried not to disturb her during her incubation period by using the rear entrance to our home. It wasn’t long before 4 little Robins appeared. Realizing that folks would come to visit, we slowly started being in the area of the nest without disturbing the female nor her young. I took photos of their progress almost daily once the female had left the nest to find food. She soon became accustom to our presence and was not alarmed while we sat and watched at feeding times. Absolutely a wonderful experience! 12 days from the day they hatched this photo of the 4 was taken and 1 hour later they were gone. It was great to now know that all 4 young survived hidden in our Maple Hardwood bush at the rear of our property, for a week after leaving the nest, we witnessed all 4 young taking turns having a bath at our bird bath out back while both parents kept a safe watch over them.


Nests and Eggs


All Crammed In But Ready To Leave

The huddle

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