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Peter Stauffer

Brush Prairie, WA, United States


3 1/2 week old American Kestrel chicks in a nestbox attached to our house. The nest overlooks a wetland and fields. Five total chicks hatched, and they have all left the nest as of today. The parents provided a daily diet of mice.


Cutest Baby

American Kestrel Chicks In Nestbox

American Kestrel Chicks in Nestbox

3 responses to “American Kestrel Chicks in Nestbox”

  1. Kandy Garrett says:

    Can You Tell Me How High Up Your Nest Box Is ?

  2. Hi Kandy, we generally recommend kestrel nest boxes be place between 10-30 feet high. You can find more info @ http://nestwatch.org/learn/all-about-birdhouses/birds/american-kestrel/.

  3. thegbird says:

    sooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!

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