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Scott Burnet

Allentown, PA, United States


I discovered this Chimney Swift nest as part of a bat survey in a City Park in Allentown PA in July of 2016. As the Lehigh Valley Audubon Society Habitat Committee Chairman, I have built several Chimney Swift towers throughout the park system, and they are my #1 species of conservation concern here. This nest is located in the stone chimney of a log cabin built in the 1720’s. Imagine how many little swifts may have fledged from this chimney in over 290 years!


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Chimney Swift Nest

AWARD WINNER: Honorable Mention

5 responses to “Chimney swift nest”

  1. Robyn Bailey says:

    Easily the best photo of a Chimney Swift nest I have seen in years (maybe ever). They’re just so hard to access. Cool!

  2. Larry Jordan says:

    Awesome shot Scott! Great conservation work too!!

  3. B boehret says:

    When r they expected at Muhlenb lake or College?

  4. Bob says:

    Can u please update recent sitings, expectations ?

  5. Janet Gohres says:

    We all need to be doing this! Praise to you for helping return those twittering flocks to the evening sky.

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