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eric pittman

Victoria, BC, Canada


Fluff, an Anna’s Hummingbird, feeds her chicks shortly after they hatched. The chicks are about the size of raisins and require gentle feeding every half hour or so to ensure they grow into young healthy birds.


Feeding Time

Fluff Feeds Her Chicks

Fluff, and Anna's Hummingbird, feeds her chicks for one of the first times.

3 responses to “Fluff feeds her chicks”

  1. Heather Asplin says:

    Love these tiny birds. Eric is a master at finding their nests and documenting their progress

  2. Anne Hoekema says:

    Eric has brought to the planet his rare and beautiful video and photos …so many beautiful images of these incredible little creatures.

  3. sara green says:

    I very much like Eric pictures They are beautiful!

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