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Dana Littleton

Hoover, AL, United States


Hoobaby spent several days rocking back and forth spreading her wings and circling her neck round and round. Wish I could submit videos:). This photo was taken a day before she finally flew a bit. I was so proud of her because I knew what it took for her to get her nerve up after watching her struggle looking down:). She also spread her wings like this after a rain. She is not a fan of the rain at all. Thus, the owl house I just finished building. I do hope she will use it. I even wrote a Bible verse for her inside her house thanking her for making me be still. I never sit and relax. I spent countless hours mesmerized by this sweet Hoobaby:). No doubt, God sent her to me to enjoy and watch while being still. His glory is amazing!


Cutest Baby


Hoobaby Spreading Wings

Hoobaby getting ready to spread her wings and fly!

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