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Terri Bowman

Mt Pleasant, SC, United States


I watched as the gallinules had to leave their home due to development and their pond was being filled in to make room for more apartments. When they appeared on the little pond close to the former pond, I figured they would start nesting sooner or later. I saw the nesting material being gathered and watched as the one parent patrolled outside keeping a vigilant eye on any one or thing who approached. I was very fortunate to be witness to the first time exit of the family from the well-hidden nest (and I might add got chased for the pleasure by the feisty parents). Having never seen the babies of this species, I was surprised to see their orange helmets and spurs. But it was truly worth all the trips by the pond to see the little ones grow and am happy to report that ALL SIX of the little ones are still alive which is amazing since I’ve watched baby mallards and wood ducks disappear until only one or two were left to mature.


Cutest Baby


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