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Jennifer Rose

Mystic, Stonington, CT, United States


What’s not to love about a bunch of baby goslings so excited to see you when you visit? Here’s another family of goslings–20 days old. They were all born around May 5. Despite what people think, Canada Geese are not disease carrying birds, they don’t attack unless you walk to fast or aggressively approach them or appear to be a real threat to them–the parents are very, very protective. Humans can learn a lot of family values from these birds. In the entire year that I’ve walked amongst the geese not once have they ever tried to attack or hurt me. As I was driving through looking for them, the minute they saw my car they came running. Here are 5 of the baby goslings so excited to see me. They surround me and even let me pet them. And no, the parents didn’t mind. People who saw them with me couldn’t believe that I could get so close to them. I felt very special and this entire experience with these beautiful creatures was magical. Again, what’s not to love about these beautiful babies. Here they are attempting to use their mini wings. It was cute to see them flap their little wings and hop trying to fly. And it’s a photographers dream to capture photos like this. They loved getting their photos taken and really liked when I used the GoPro video around them.


Cutest Baby


Not Ready For Take Off!

3 responses to “Not Ready For Take Off!”

  1. Linda Donohoe says:

    Love this photo

  2. Texas Bird Family says:


  3. Texas Bird Family says:

    Cute goslings. It’s sad that people hate so many birds. Muscovy ducks, House Sparrows, European Starlings, Vultures, and more.

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