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Lauren Messinger

Hummelstown, PA, United States


I was thrilled to see an Eastern Bluebird pair begin nest building in a log bird house in our yard. Five eggs and only two hatchlings later, I noticed that the female had disappeared. The father continued to feed the two nestlings, and the nest box was left empty when the young grew old enough to fledge.
One of them, knowing instinctively where it would be hidden, flew into the dense shrubbery ten feet from the box. Fortunately for me, those shrubs were also right in front of a window and I was able to photograph this youngster during its first day out of the box.
Weeks later, I still saw Mister Bluebird flying about and caring for one of the babies. Much is still a mystery, though. Why did only two eggs hatch? What happened to the mother and later to the second nestling? Even though I don’t know the answers, I’m glad I had the opportunity to observe the nesting cycle of the beautiful Eastern Bluebird.


Cutest Baby

One And Only Adorable Bluebird

Where's my Daddy?

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