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Hui Sim

Westham Island, Delta, BC, Canada


Still covered with orange down (as it was on the day of its hatching), this one-month-old colt–now “towering” at 2 feet–briefly pauses to see if mom (or dad) has a tasty damselfly for it to eat at the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary. Photographed in late June 2016.


Cutest Baby

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One-Month-Old Sandhill Crane Colt

2016 was a tough year for Sandhill Cranes; the two colts hatched at Minnekhada Park disappeared after a few weeks, and the Burnaby Lake breeding pair did not produce any, either. Even the younger sibling of this colt did not survive past its first day, so it was truly a miracle to see this elder colt pass its one-month milestone!

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