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Dana Littleton

Hoover, AL, United States


I will never forget this wonderful morning when I finally realized why the Owls had been flying in and out of a knothole in a tree right off our deck. I didn’t even know what kind they were. I got bronchitis that week and spent 4 glorious weeks watching Hoobaby grow and learn to fly. I also got many videos of Mama bringing food to Hoobaby. I read everything I could find on barred owls. I have photographed them for hours, and I have just completed a house for them that I hope to soon have hung for them:)


Eye Witness


Peekaboo With Hoobaby And Mama Hoodini

Hoobaby and Mama Hoodini playing peekaboo right off our deck. Hoobaby was just learning to scoot along branches.

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