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Natalie Waters

Morgan City, LA, United States


This photo is actually a screenshot from a video from my GoPro camera! The nest box was home to two broods so far this breeding season. The fledge from the first brood followed the adult male to the nest box. The male intended on bringing his yummy caterpillar to the female sitting on the second brood nest, but she wasn’t back on the nest yet, so the fledge sat on the top of the box and begged for the meal! Pappa Prothonotary gave the fledge the meal and flew off. The fledge then proceeded to peck around on the nest box and then flew over to the maple tree and discovered the GoPro camera! A few pecks and several curious looks later… it flew off to find more yummy things!


Eye Witness

Take A Closer Look!

A curious Prothonotary Warbler Fledge discovered my GoPro camera! This is a screen shot from the video that captured some adorable "eye witness" moments!

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