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Terri Bowman

Mt Pleasant, SC, United States


I’ve been watching our local eagle nest for 2 years. Watched last year as the nesting began til the babies reached maturity and took to the skies. This year I was fortunate to receive a Tamron 600mm lens for Christmas which made the watching and photographing much easier (last year I only had a 300mm). My first picture of the parent on the nest was on December 24th and I watched faithfully throughout the period,trying to guess when the eggs were no longer just eggs but babies. Since I could only guess when they actually hatched (no remote cameras here), I watched til I got lucky enough to see parents bringing food and before long, heads appeared. This picture was taken on March 3 and the babies (2) were quite large by then. This pose just struck a funny bone on me as baby appears to be saying “What’s Up with you?”.


Cutest Baby


What’s Up?

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