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Glenda Simmons

Tallahassee, FL, United States


I was, obviously, surprised to find this female laying white eggs. I knew it occurred a small percentage of time, but I’ve only seen it once in the nests I have monitored the past 10 years, and may never see it again. From what I have read, once a female lays white eggs, she always lays white eggs, which was another reason this clutch surprised me. It was the second clutch, and the first clutch consisted of the normal blue color eggs. There was no behavior to indicate that the females were different. I was already, looking forward to what the third clutch would reveal, but, unfortunately, as these eggs started to hatch, the female must have been killed by a predator, on one of her first runs in search of food, for the nestlings. The male was present, but the female disappeared. A sad ending to such an exciting start.


Eye Witness

White Eastern Bluebird Eggs

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