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Lucinda Twining

Conklin, NY, United States


This sweet little Killdeer was taken from its nesting area by a well meaning person thinking they were rescuing a lost turkey or chicken baby, They gave it to a friend to put in with her chickens or turkeys, She brought it to Agway where I was buying bird seed, wanting to know which it was turkey or chicken, when I saw it and told her what it was she wanted to know which pen she should put it in, I asked if she knew where the nesting site was so could return it but didnt and freind couldnt remember so I took it to Cornell University Animal Hospital ( 2 hours from my home) and they just sent me an update baby is doing great and has been transfered to a wild life rehab to be raised and released., WISH MORE PEOPLE KNEW NOT TO HELP BABY BIRDS MORE OFTEN THEN NOT THEY DONT NEED IT .


Cutest Baby

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Species: Killdeer

Wish I Could Be Back With My Mommy

Rescued Killdeer

2 responses to “Wish I could be back with my mommy”

  1. Emily says:

    Adorable! I didn’t know killdeers had partially webbed feet.

  2. Robyn Bailey says:

    Thank you for intervening!

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