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Tamra Tiemeyer

Portland, OR, United States


Cutest Baby


Wood Ducklings Dozing

I was surprised to see such young ducklings in July until I read that Wood Ducks are the only species that regularly raise two broods each season!

6 responses to “Wood Ducklings Dozing”

  1. June Kasperski Wild says:


  2. jan wrede says:

    too cute

  3. Laurie Gandal says:

    I have an Eastern Phoebe that has regularly, the last 5 years, come back to the same nest and raised 2 broods each year. So I’m not sure what you mean wood ducks are the only species that raise two broods? Unless I am deluded and ‘Mama Phoebe’ is not the same
    Phoebe each time? She certainly looks and acts the same. Just curious.

  4. Marjorie Generazzo says:

    Phoebes raise two or three broods each summer.

  5. Texas Bird Family says:

    Such cute ducklings!

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