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Willie Hall

Grass Valley, CA, United States


I was fortunate to find this Peregrine Falcon nest site in Nevada County, CA this spring. I monitored and photographed them from about 200 yds for two months until they fledged 3 young successfully. It was an amazing experience watching the adults work so hard to hunt, feed and shelter them from the elements. The young grew at a rapid pace and what a day it was watching their first flights….but very awkward landings. On this day of the photo the female had just landed with a fresh kill delivered by the male. She was just about to start removing feathers from the prey and bite off bits of meat for the young while they stood in row appearing to saw grace 🙂 .


Cutest Baby

Young Peregrine Falcons Lined Up For Feeding Time

young Peregrine's saying grace before mom feeds them

One response to “young Peregrine Falcons lined up for feeding time”

  1. Paul says:

    Interesting, so did the male bring the meal to the nest site? We watched the male let the female take the Bonaparte’s Gull from him in the air then fly to the nest with it. In the past I had thought that they had plucked it and brought pieces of the kill to the nest- in fact there’s a spot across from the nest they used many times. I wonder if that’s a common routine- to let the female feed them? The nest site I follow is some 60 miles from home so I haven’t been able to follow as closely as you have.

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