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William Page Pully

Aberdeen, MD, United States


Female Eastern Bluebird brings baby a spider for lunch.


Feeding Time

Bluebird Dinner

3 responses to “Bluebird Dinner”

  1. Fran Love says:

    The best snake protector is the netting used to cover blueberry bushes. Once the snake crawls on that net and tries to escape the more he becomes entangled. I have caught 6 blacksnakes and one copper head this year. Put it where the lawn mover doesn’t hit it or you know what can happen here. I have a long section coming from the woods and no other place where I have birds that a snake will come from. Snakes were killing my chickens, eating my eggs and took out a nest of baby blue birds. It can be a job saving the snake but it beats the alternative.

    • Hi Fran, from your comment, it seems you are releasing the snakes and we hope that is the case. Snakes and other predators are a natural part of the ecosystem and we would not advocate harming or removing them from their environment.

  2. Mayra Vargas says:

    WOW – this bird has her babies in a secure spot. I wonder where it is?

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