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Susan Spittle

York, PA, United States


Watched a pair of Bluebirds hurrying to create a nest in our neighbor’s box… trying to defend their turf from the House Sparrows. But, alas, the Sparrows always seem to win the fight.



Bluebird On A Mission

3 responses to “Bluebird on a mission”

  1. Paula says:

    The following website has some ideas for easy house sparrow deterrents that can be made out of fishing line: http://www.sialis.org/hosp.htm (scroll down, it’s around the middle of the page). I did not have fishing line on hand when the need arose, so I took the next best thing available which was 22 gauge, galvanized wire.
    So far our bluebirds have been able to nest in peace in the boxes equipped with the wire deterrent. I witnessed an aggressive, male house sparrow turned away at the hole of a nest-box when confronted with this guard. It was intending to attack the nestlings inside: their lives were saved. I hope it works as well for others.

  2. Texas Bird Family says:

    We love to feed House Sparrows. They are very cute little birds.

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