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Shelia Rudesill

Pittsboro, NC, United States


This female Eastern Bluebird and her mate built a nest over about ten days. The male tried to supervise, but was very little help. Every time the female came with nesting materials she appeared to be waiting for the male to either notice what she was adding or seek his approval. I have a hilarious video of them “arguing” over what should be included and what shouldn’t!


Nests and Eggs

Eastern Bluebird Showing Off Her Gathering Skills

Female Eastern Bluebird building a nest

4 responses to “Eastern Bluebird showing off her gathering skills”

  1. Yvonne Cooney says:

    What a unique picture! It’s also well composed.

  2. Sandi Snider says:

    Beautiful picture and cute story!!

  3. Judy says:

    Shelia takes the best pictures of birds I love to see them. This is a great picture and I love her comment

  4. Linda Shapeero says:

    Love the picture of the bird at work and also the comment.

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