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Sheila Boneham

Eugene, OR, United States


This nesting platform is at Delta Ponds Natural Area, just across the street from my house. I “visit” the Ospreys every day, and listen to the juvenile holler “more fish! more fish!” off and on throughout the day. I have also been lucky enough to watch the parents catching fish in the Willamette River, which is just a short flight to the west.


Feeding Time



Fish for dinner.

3 responses to “Ospreys”

  1. Marie-Claire Lander says:

    Great picture!

  2. Jeanie Jackson says:

    So much elegant life in motion portrayed here. Love it.

  3. Maya says:

    Coming in for a landing! Love to watch them fish. In Central Florida they set up their nests on top of four-lamp light posts in parking lots or in special dishes the county has provided for them. This year nearly every medium to large parking lot has at least one nesting pair. Our county has hundreds of lakes so fishing locations are always nearby for them. Lots of fat happily screaming curious nestling and fledglings always ready to greet you as you leave the stores. I’m jealous, I wish we had a pair across from our house.

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