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Gary Robinette

Huntley Meadows Lane, Alexandria, VA, United States


I had been photographing the parents coming back and forth their nest and this Prothonotary Warbler fledgling decided it was time to come out. He had only been out of the nest for a few minutes and flew to a branch directly in front of me. I managed a few shots and then both parents came to the tree and coaxed him over to some thicker vegetation and safety.


Cutest Baby

Prothonotary Warbler Fledgling

Prothonotary Warbler Fledgling

3 responses to “Prothonotary Warbler Fledgling”

  1. anita sauer says:

    What an adorable picture! Thank you!

  2. Paula says:

    Great photo. Lucky you he was out in the open.

  3. Sharon says:

    Thank you as I had two Fledglings with Male Parent AMAZING sighting
    Today 06.26.2021

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