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Photo © Keith Williams
Photo © Jerry Acton

A Broken Record

We’re very pleased to announce that NestWatchers have officially set a new record for the most nesting attempts submitted for Eastern Bluebird in a single nesting season! Along with American Robin, Northern Cardinal, Northern Mockingbird, and Eastern Phoebe–which surpassed historic levels earlier this year–this is the fifth species that we’ve set a submission record for in 2012! If the current pace of data submission continues, we expect to also smash the record for annual total number of submissions for all species combined by about 2,000 nests. None of this success would be possible without your hard work. We appreciate the contributions of each and every NestWatcher who submitted data this year!

But the year is not over yet, and we understand many of you have not yet had time to submit this season’s data. Please have your 2012 nesting data entered by December 31st. We encourage you to log on to at your earliest convenience because you may need some extra time to familiarize yourself with our new data entry system. And the sooner your data are entered, the sooner scientists can start using them. It is always a good idea to submit your data while it is still fresh in your mind, before the chaos of the holiday season is in full swing. As always, we look forward to helping you succeed at the data entry process, so let us know if we can assist you.

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