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All About Birdhouses

Maybe you have always wanted to put up a birdhouse but weren’t sure which species you could attract in your area. Or perhaps you have several already and are looking to branch out and help more birds in need. Either way, we have a new tool for you to help you become the ultimate nest box landlord. Our new All About Birdhouses is your go-to source for updated, expanded, and beautifully designed information about birdhouses (also called “nest boxes”).

Use the Right Bird, Right House nest box selector to find out which birds you can target in your region and habitat. With 54 birds featured, from deserts to mountaintops, you are sure to find a bird that is looking for a home in your neighborhood. Discover species that you may not know, or find a plan for a home to attract your favorite raptor, songbird, or waterfowl. It’s easy, and we even show you which species are declining in your area. Think outside the box, too, and consider adding a nesting shelf, basket, or platform to your existing nest boxes. Download one or several free plans, and get information about how to successfully attract the species of interest.

Whether you plan to build your own or buy, don’t miss our Features of a Good Birdhouse infographic. This new graphic makes it easier to see the most important features of a safe nest box, and also introduces new advances in the state of the art. All this and more can be found in the new All About Birdhouses section, where you can find what you need to welcome more birds to your yard, no matter where you live.

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