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Photo © Keith Williams
Photo © Jody Smith

Are You Ready For Nesting Birds?

Reports of nesting birds are starting to come in from Texas, Georgia, Florida, California and other balmy locales. Rangewide, Great Horned Owls are sitting on eggs (despite the recent polar vortex). Nesting season is officially underway, and we’re excited!

Now is a great time to get ready for nesting birds, so here are three to-do’s to get you primed for the season:
1) Clean out your nest boxes. Add fresh wood chips if needed for species that don’t make their own nest.
2) Download our mobile app. Use your device’s GPS to map any new nest boxes in advance.
3) Sign in (or sign up) at and make sure your data from last year are finalized. If you’re new, start by reading our protocol and getting certified.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology