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Photo © Keith Williams
Photo © Bird Cams

Best Maternal Moments Captured Live

In honor of Mother’s Day, we want to celebrate some exceptional bird “moms” that go the extra mile for their chicks. Watch these intimate moments in the lives of three Bird Cams mothers, each revealing the universal struggles and joys of motherhood. Then, tune in to see what’s happening live on Bird Cams.

  • Dinner is Served—Big Red, the fierce Red-tailed Hawk mom, delicately serves up dinner with her powerful beak. When she leaves to get more provisions, the nestlings fall asleep in a warm pile and wait for her to return.
  • Protecting the Nest—The formidable Great Blue Heron mom bravely defends her nest from an owl attack. Her bone-chilling screams scare the owl away and quickly bring the male to her side.
  • Giving Them Wings to Fly—That moment when your kids are grown and have to make their own way in the world is terrifying, but necessary. Iris, the Osprey mom at Hellgate Canyon, Montana, looks on anxiously as her oldest chick leaves the nest for the first time.

Do you have an “aww” moment captured in a photo or on video? Submit your photos and videos to our Flickr group.

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