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Photo © Keith Williams
Photo © QuébecOiseaux

Bienvenue, QuébecOiseaux!

We recently welcomed our first Canadian chapter to NestWatch, the QuébecOiseaux chapter of Québec (oiseaux is French for “birds”). Because Québec is a predominantly French-speaking province, our new chapter will soon begin translating portions of the NestWatch website into French.

Chapter coordinator Jean-Sébastien Guénette will be recruiting participants from Québec in the spring of 2016 for nest-monitoring studies, particularly focusing on Chimney Swifts, American Kestrels, Purple Martins, and Bank Swallows.

As we develop multilingual support for our website, we are also seeking volunteers who would be willing to translate NestWatch materials into Spanish. Supporting multiple languages will help us broaden our impact and involve new audiences in NestWatch and nest monitoring. Potential volunteers are encouraged to contact us regarding their availability.

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