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Photo © Keith Williams
Photo © Edwin Gifford

Challenge Yourself This Year

While some of us are locked in snow, others will be seeing the first signs of nesting any week now. It’s never too early to think about goals, and we’re starting off 2018 with a challenge: find a new species’ nest to monitor this year. For some of you just starting out, this will be easy, as nearly all nests will be new. But for those of you who’ve been doing this for a few years, challenge yourself to find that nest type you know is around but haven’t found before.

Those warblers, hummingbirds, vireos, and juncos that taunt you all summer, then turn up at the feeders with their young—can you find them? Make this the year to spend a little bit more time searching for clues. Maybe the Red-winged Blackbird that sings from the cattails, or the Song Sparrow that “barks” at you from the weedy creekside, or perhaps the neighborhood hawk that has eluded you for years will reward you this year with some time well spent outdoors, learning more about less-familiar birds.

And because challenges are fun, we’re going to join you. We’ll be sure to rise to our own challenge and find something new (to us) to share with you. When you find your new species, be sure to tell us about it by uploading a photo.

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