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Photo © Keith Williams
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Eastern Bluebirds of Yesteryear

Our Nest Quest Go! project aims to recapture data from paper nest records on file at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology that dated from the mid-1960s to early 2000s. In our most ambitious project to date, the Eastern Bluebirds have just launched and are ready for transcription! This species set is among our largest, but we’re starting off with 3,300 nest cards (more records will be added on a rolling basis). 

You can help us digitize the data using our Zooniverse website or via mobile app (Google Play and Apple app store). Volunteers have already helped us transcribe the Mountain and Western Bluebirds, along with numerous other species, but we need all hands on deck for this massive undertaking. If you have empty nest syndrome this fall and winter and are missing your birds, take a crack at virtual nest monitoring and get started here. All data will eventually be imported into NestWatch for researchers to freely use.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology