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Photo © Keith Williams
Photo © David Liewehr

Featured NestWatchers: Adam & David Liewehr

Eight-year-old Adam Liewehr (Cub Scout Pack 442, Den 2, Cloverly, MD) recently chose to build a nest box to help earn his Wolf badge, but the wide variety of potential nest box designs left Adam and his father David looking for a bit of guidance. So, they turned to NestWatch to learn how to build a nest box, which species to build it for, and where to put it once it was finished.

David’s correspondences with the NestWatch staff revealed a thoughtful attention to detail. This father-son team had noticed several potential tenants in their backyard, such as Black-capped Chickadee, Tufted Titmouse, and House Wren. Armed with resources from the NestWatch website, Adam and David set to work building a small songbird house. David measured and cut the boards while Adam drilled holes, screwed the pieces together, and helped with the installation. They plan to monitor any nests in their new nest box and submit their observations to NestWatch. David hopes that this project will further Adam’s appreciation of nature. We welcome David and Adam to our pack, and encourage any other Scout groups looking for a great civic project to “howl” if you need us. We’d love to help you earn that badge!

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