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Photo © Keith Williams
Photo © Tyler Metcalf

Got an Inconvenient Nest?

Summer is the time for outdoor parties and nesting birds. What should you do if you find a nest being built in a less-than-ideal spot on your property (e.g., in your grill)? Our best advice is to stop this process as soon as it starts. You can remove the nest materials, making sure not to injure any nearby wildlife, but only do this in the beginning stages of nest building.

Remember, if nesting has already begun and eggs or young are present, it is against the law to injure or disturb wildlife. This includes moving the nest to a nearby location; this will result in abandonment of the nest or young (birds do not look for relocated nests). If you have a situation where the birds are in immediate danger, be sure to contact your local wildlife rehabilitator for advice on how to proceed.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology