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Help Maintain Bird & Monarch Habitat

You might have noticed that our Citizen Science Blog has been on a short summer “vacation,” but we’re back with another helpful post for you! This time our newest staff member, Chelsea Benson, writes about how to manage grassland habitat for both birds and the declining monarch butterfly.

Open meadow and grassland habitat is home to an important ecological community. Many kinds of birds nest in grasslands, from bluebirds to goldfinches. So, how do you know when it’s safe to mow, especially if you’re trying to help other wildlife, like monarchs? Read the article to find out.

This article refers to those grassy areas you may have set aside for wildlife, which has grown tall enough for critters to inhabit (as opposed to manicured lawns). If you don’t have such an area yet, consider carving out a chunk of lawn and converting it. Even a small patch is helpful for birds and pollinators.

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