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Photo © Keith Williams
Photo © Martin Vanoy

Mockers Hit New Max

We are so excited to announce that we have officially set a new record for the number of Northern Mockingbird nest attempts submitted to We know that monitoring mockingbird nests probably involved a lot of scolding and dive-bombing (and midnight serenades) that you had to endure in the name of science, but their spunky attitude is part of the reason they’re so much fun to watch!

NestWatchers also crushed the record for Prothonotary Warbler nests this year! For the first time in history, we reached the elusive high-water mark of 200 nests for this species. This brings our total number of shattered records up to eight species this year.

But wait, there’s more! We are also beyond thrilled to announce that we have officially surpassed historic records for the total number of nesting attempts monitored in a single year: 17,146! And with just over a month left to go in the 2013 NestWatch season, there is still plenty of time left to submit your nest observations and break even more species records. (You’re next, Carolina Chickadee.) This accomplishment would not have been possible without all of the great work of NestWatchers like you! Help us get to 20,000 nesting attempts by the end of the year by submitting your nesting data at today.

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