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Photo © Keith Williams
Photo © Susan Harper

Nest-Searching 101

Nesting season has officially begun, and you just know that there are birds nesting in your yard. The only tricky part is finding them. Well, you wouldn’t drive somewhere new without getting directions first, so why start looking for nests before you’ve read our instructions? We’ve put together a handy tip sheet for finding nests that points out what to look for in the various stages of the nesting cycle. How do you find a nest which is actively being built, or a nest that already has eggs being incubated? NestWatch has you covered; just read our “How to Find Nests” page, and then go outside and quietly observe the activity around you. Patience and good observation skills will be rewarded with an incredible window into the secretive world of nesting birds.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology