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Photo © Keith Williams
Photo © Mary Lou Hull

NestWatcher Honored

Last month NestWatcher Ken Godwin received a national award for his many years of work with Eastern Bluebirds. Ken and the Jacksonville Life Member Club were awarded the AT&T National Pioneer Organization Award for the best environmental project of the year: “Welcome Back Bluebirds.”

The project has a goal of placing a bluebird box in every suburban greenspace in Duval County, Florida. To that end, Ken has helped make 500 boxes from recycled lumber, 350 of which have already been deployed. All reproductive data are being submitted to NestWatch.

Ken says, “Thank you all at the Lab of Ornithology for 23 years of encouragement and offering a profound sense of mission.” Ken—
you’re an inspiration to us! Thank YOU for your work to help the bluebirds.

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