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Photo © Keith Williams
Photo © Glenda Simmons

New Feature: Photo Uploads

Whether you participate using our mobile app or through the website, you can now take advantage of a fun new feature: photo uploads. With this new feature, you can attach up to three photos to a nest check, meaning each photo is dated, georeferenced, and linked to the breeding data. Your photos will become part of our research database, opening up new avenues of research.

To kick off our first photo-based research project, we’re asking for photos of Great Crested Flycatcher nests in the east and Ash-throated Flycatcher nests in the west. Researcher Dr. Vanya Rohwer is interested in the potential benefits of snake skin as nesting material in these flycatchers’ nests (or the lack of it). There is no need to resubmit old photos that have already been added to our public photo gallery; we’ve downloaded those previously-submitted photos (thank you!). Please submit new photos by linking them to your nest attempt (as opposed to sharing in the public gallery).

Note that photos attached to your nest checks do not yet get shared to our public gallery. To use the data-entry photo upload, you must have started a nest attempt within NestWatch, however anyone (participant or not) can post to our public gallery.

As a reminder, be quick with your photos and don’t spend too much time at the nest (less than a minute is ideal). By submitting photos, you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

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