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Photo © Keith Williams
Photo © Paul Paradine

New Year, New Leader

We’re very excited to announce that NestWatch has a new leader at the helm. Robyn Bailey recently took the reins and is enthusiastically heading up NestWatch. If the name sounds familiar, it is because Robyn previously served as the project assistant for NestWatch and YardMap (another cool citizen-science project hosted by the Lab of Ornithology) for the last three years. So, Robyn has been working directly with NestWatchers for some time and is very excited to continue building relationships with participants.

Robyn says, “I am extremely pleased to be taking on more responsibilities with NestWatch. I love this project, and NestWatchers are some of the most devoted, passionate citizen scientists you’ll ever meet. This project would not be possible without them.”

Robyn earned an M.S. from Michigan State University and has studied birds throughout the Southeast, as well as in California, Minnesota, and New York. Fun fact: Before joining the Lab in 2011, Robyn captured and tracked endangered rattlesnakes, studying their habitat needs and survival rates. Although she has never been bitten by a rattlesnake, she has been bitten by cardinals and grosbeaks, and she does not recommend it.

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