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Photo © Keith Williams
Photo © Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Get a Limited Edition Egg Mug

If you like eggs with your coffee, you’re going to love our new limited edition mug. This porcelain mug is adorned with the eggs of common North American birds, hand illustrated by Bartels Science Illustration Intern Virginia Greene. A sweet chickadee is perched inside—can you find which egg is hers?

While supplies last, we are sending this mug to NestWatch supporters who make a gift of $100 or more.* Your gifts help support our program, which continues to grow each year. In the past year, we have released a mobile app, created a new science curriculum for middle school students, and published three scientific studies. Your gifts enable NestWatch to keep thriving and reaching new audiences. Thank you for making a special gift this nesting season!

*Note: we are only able to ship to U.S. mailing addresses at this time. International residents, please email us at for details.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology