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Photo © Keith Williams
Photo © Michael Tavalin

Coming Soon, Our First Photo Contest

The quality and quantity of photos and videos submitted by NestWatchers to our online photo gallery is only getting better each month since its inception in January. What fun it is to log in and see what new and interesting things this community is watching, learning, and doing.

These photos also serve their purpose, making our newsletter and Facebook page more informative, running alongside news articles that feature NestWatch, serving as a place for discussions to happen and, eventually, will be incorporated into our permanent Lab-wide digital specimen collection. One day, they may even be the basis of a research project.

More than 500 photo and video submissions have already been accepted. To get even more people involved, we’re hosting our first ever photo contest within NestWatch. Gather your favorite nesting images and watch for the announcement on our Facebook page or on the NestWatch home page. Don’t have any nesting photos? There’s still time to find active nests by searching around your home, garden, or hedges. Read our tips on safely photographing nests.

The Home Tweet Home NestWatch Photo Contest is coming July 1, so get ready. Fun prizes, cool birds, and helping NestWatch…what more could you want?

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