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Spring Updates to Data Entry

We have recently updated the Data Entry form that NestWatchers use to submit nesting data. These changes will help prevent common mistakes and improve the online experience. Here is a look at what’s changing:

  • Automatic saving means you never need to worry about losing your data. We’ll save your changes every 5 seconds.
  • You will receive confirmation requests whenever the system detects potential mistakes. An example would be changing the species name. You should only change the species name if you made a mistake in selecting the species, not because another bird has taken over the nest. If another bird has taken over the nest, you should end the previous attempt record and begin a new one.
  • When the system detects that you could be entering two nesting attempts on the same data form, you may be prompted to start a new nesting attempt record for the site. There is a check-box that allows you to select nest visits that need to be moved to a new attempt. You should use this if you have already entered two nest attempts (say, a bluebird followed by a swallow in the same box) on the same form. This also means that you can now edit multiple attempts at a site simultaneously.
  • If you have a predator guard on your nest box, please tell us about it (optional for nest boxes only).
  • For some of our most-monitored species, such as bluebirds and chickadees, we are seeking additional information. If you feed nesting bluebirds or chickadees, please tell us about it.

These changes are designed to address questions that will be of interest to NestWatchers, help participants enter the highest quality data possible, and alert you to any potential action(s) needed on your part. We are constantly working to make NestWatching fun and easy, and we welcome your feedback.

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